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CRESLI, the Coastal Research and Education Society of Long island (, an non-profit research and education organization with the following mission: To promote and foster understanding and stewardship of coastal ecosystems through research and education. I am CRESLI's president and am also a professor and population ecologist, studying the populations of whales and seals in the waters of NY. The photographs here are those taken on trips that I lead to observe our marine mammals and pelagic birds.

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5 7 21 1023 2006 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 201415 201516 12192010 1 grey seal 1 juevnile grey 1 juevnile grey seal 100 seals 104 seals 105 seals 106 seals 107 harbor seals 107 harbor seals 106 hauled out and 1 in the water 108 harbor seals 109 harbor seals 110 harbor 111 seals 114 harbor seals 115 seals 119 seals 120 seals 123 harbor seals 128 harbor seals 13 first mn pair 131 harbor seals 131 seals 134 seals 135 seals 141 seals 152 harbor seals 155 seals 156 seals 19 harbor seals hauledout 1982 calf of cardhu 1984 calf of mars 1985 calf of silver 1988 calf of silver 1989 calf of lace 1999 calf of dyad 2 grey seal pups 2 large notches near base of doral fin trailing edge 2 nicks on upper trailing edge of dorsal 2 parallel linear scars on right flank half way between dorsal fin and right chevron 2 parallel linear scars on right side just anterior to chevron 2 sets of prop scars 2 white spots on trailing edge of dorsal at insertion on calf 20 feet long 2007 calf of anchor 201112 season 2012 season 201415 season 2015 cresliviking fleet whale watch 20152016 season 201617 season 21 harbpr seals 23 seals 17 hauledout 25 seals 25 seals hauled out and 5 in water 26 seals 25 on sandbar and 1 in water 28 harbor seals 28 harbor seals hauled out 2nd whale with stubby dorsal in foreground 3 marked seals 3 of 85 seals 3 of the 5 humpabcks in the 81115 group 3 spots on right side of snout 30 seals 31 harbor seals 33 seals 37 harbor seals 37 seals 4 parallel spotsbelow and trailing back from right ear 40 seals hauled out 40' long fin whale 41 seals 44 seals 44 seals 37 hauledout and 7 in water 45 degree 45 degree thin linear scar in blase near blowholes 45 seals 46 seals 47 seals 4hright 4spotrighttriangle 4th from right 5 marks just posterior to left ear 5 out of 6 marked 50 harbor seals 50' fin whale 51 seals hauled out 55 seals 56 seals 57 harbor seals 58 harbor seals 58 of 61 harbor seals 58 seals 54 and 4 6 in water 60 harbor seals 60 seals 61 harbor seals 62 harbor seals 63 seals 64 harbor seals and 2 grey seal pups 64 seals 65 seals 67 harbor seals 67 seals 68 harbor seals hauled out 68 seals 69 harbor seals 69 seals 6kheadleft 70 harbor seals 71 seals 72 seals 72113 first mn pair 73 seals 74 seals 75 seals 76 harbot seals 76 seals 77 hauled out 77 seals 78 seals 79 seals 2 in water 80 harbor seals 80 seals 81 seals 82 of 85 seals 83 habor seals 83 seals 84 seals 85 harbor seals 85 seals 88 seals 90 harbor seals.1 female grey seal 90 seals 91 seals 92 seals 93 harbor seals 94 seals 96 seals 99 harbor seals and 1 grey seal a few small linear scars on left flank posterior to chevron above the ground acorn barnacle africashaped mark in blaze after disturbance by helicopter after disturbance by vessels aggression aggressive interaction ahwc 8504 almost flat concave nick at tip of trailing edge of dorsal fin almost perpendicular linear scar above eyestripe amazing diatom pattern on right flank american princess amphoraleftchest amulet and 2015 calf and grinshaped anglerfishleft anglerfishright anterior left upper flank arabicleftear arabiclike symbol behind left ear arctic tern atlantic menhaden atlantic menhaden brevoortia tyrannus atlantic whitesided dolphin august 17 ba.cresli.07.06.201401 ba.cresli.07.20.201401 ba.cresli.08.17.1401 ba.cresli.08.17.1402 back for 2nd year back row 3rd from right back row left of cneter back row right of cneter backgammon backwards c under right eye bait jumping from mouth balaenoptera acutorostrata balaenoptera borealis balaenoptera physalus balloonneckleft barnaclelike marks on upper trailing edge of dorsal batrightlambda bent dorsal fin birds blaze partial blinded right eye blowholes blowing bolide and 2011 calf born in 1996 bottlenose dolphin bp.cresli.06.29.201401 bp.cresli.06.29.201402 bp.cresli.07.017.201001 bp.cresli.07.06.201401 bp.cresli.07.06.201402 bp.cresli.07.06.201403 bp.cresli.07.06.201404 bp.cresli.07.06.201405 bp.cresli.07.06.201406 bp.cresli.07.06.201407 bp.cresli.07.10.201601 bp.cresli.07.10.201602 bp.cresli.07.10.201603 bp.cresli.07.10.201604 bp.cresli.07.10.201605 bp.cresli.07.12.201502 bp.cresli.07.12.201504 bp.cresli.07.12.201505 bp.cresli.07.12.201507 bp.cresli.07.12.201508 bp.cresli.07.12.201509 bp.cresli.07.13.201401 bp.cresli.07.13.201402 bp.cresli.07.13.201402cow bp.cresli.07.13.201403 bp.cresli.07.13.201403calf bp.cresli.07.13.201404 bp.cresli.07.14.1301 bp.cresli.07.14.1301cow bp.cresli.07.19.201501 bp.cresli.07.20.200901 bp.cresli.07.20.201401 bp.cresli.07.20.201402 bp.cresli.07.20.201403 bp.cresli.07.20.201404 bp.cresli.07.20.201405 bp.cresli.07.20.201406 bp.cresli.07.20.201407 bp.cresli.07.21.1302 bp.cresli.07.26.1501 bp.cresli.07.26.1501calf bp.cresli.07.26.1502 bp.cresli.07.26.1503 bp.cresli.07.26.1504 bp.cresli.07.26.1504 cow bp.cresli.07.26.1505 bp.cresli.08.02.1501 bp.cresli.08.02.1502 bp.cresli.08.02.1503 bp.cresli.08.02.1504 bp.cresli.08.02.1504 and bp.cresli.08.02.1505 bp.cresli.08.02.1505 bp.cresli.08.02.1506 bp.cresli.08.09.1501 bp.cresli.08.10.1401 bp.cresli.08.10.1402 bp.cresli.08.10.1403 bp.cresli.08.16.1501 bp.cresli.08.17.1401 bp.cresli.08.17.1402 bp.cresli.08.17.1403 bp.cresli.08.17.1404 bp.cresli.08.17.1405 bp.cresli.08.17.1406 bp.cresli.08.17.1407 bp.cresli.08.17.1408 bp.cresli.08.24.201401 bp.cresli.08.24.201402 bp.cresli.08.24.201403 bp.cresli.08.24.201404 bp.cresli.08.24.201405 bp.cresli.08.24.201406 bp.cresli.08.24.201407 bp.cresli.08.24.201408 bp.cresli.08.24.201409 bp.cresli.08.24.201410 bp.cresli.2016.07.1701 bp.cresli.2016.07.1702 bp.cresli.2016.07.1703 bp.cresli.2016.07.1705 bp.cresli.2016.07.1706 bp.cresli.2016.07.1707 bp.cresli.2016.07.1708 bp.cresli.2016.07.2401 bp.cresli.2016.07.2402 bp.cresli.2016.07.2403 bp.cresli.2016.07.2405 bp.cresli.2016.07.2406 bp.cresli.2016.07.2407 bp.cresli.2016.07.2408 bp.cresli.2016.07.2409 bp.cresli.2016.07.2410 bp.cresli.2016.07.2411 bp.cresli.2016.07.3101 bp.cresli.2016.07.3102 bp.cresli.2016.07.3103 bp.cresli.2016.08.0701 bp.cresli.2016.08.0701 cow bp.cresli.2016.08.0702 bp.cresli.2016.08.0702 callf bpcresli.07.07.1301 bpcresli.07.07.1302 bpcresli.07.14.1301 bpcresli.07.14.1302 bpcresli.07.14.1303 bpcresli.07.14.1306 bpcresli.07.14.1307 bpcresli.07.14.1308 bpcresli.07.21.1302 bpcresli.07.21.1303 bpcresli.07.21.1312 breach breaching breezy point brevoortia tyrannus bridgeright broad grinshaped scar on right side below dorsal bubblering feeding bunker bunnyearsheadleft butterflyright caduceusleft cal with fetal folds calf calf bp.cresli.07.20.201403 calf has type b dorsal calf of bp.2016.07.1701 calf of bp.cresli.07.10.201603 calf of bp.cresli.07.10.201604 calf of bp.cresli.07.12.201507 calf of bp.cresli.07.14.1301 calf of bp.cresli.08.02.1503 calf of bp.cresli.08.10.1402 calf of bp.cresli.2016.07.1705 calf of bp.cresli.2016.07.2401 calf of bp.cresli.2016.08.0701 calf of bpcresli.07.07.1302 calf of bpcresli.07.14.1302 calf of bpcresli.07.20.1403 calf of bpcresli.07.20.1404 calf of cowcalf pair calf ofbp.cresli.07.06.201401 calf with healed prop scars calf with notched dorsal calf with significant scars calonectris diomedia camelrider canopy on right caretta caretta cataract right eye caudal peduncle caudal peduncle and flukes caudal peduncle and ventral fluke surface cetacea cetacean chest marked chestcirclewedge9 chevron chevron partial chin slap chin slapping cho circle feeding circlesrighthead circuit on left circular ring of marks on left side of neck circular ring of marks on right ventral surface near pelvic area circular ring of marks on ventral surface near pelvic area closeparensleftneck coastal migratory stock cochoderma auritium color phaseintermediate color phaselight cometrightneck commensal on cetacea common dolphin cooperative feeding coronula diadema cory's shearwater courtship cow cow and calf cow has type a dorsal cow of bp.cresli.07.06.1402 cow of bp.cresli.07.06.1403 cow of bp.cresli.07.10.201602 cow of bp.cresli.07.10.201605 cow of bp.cresli.07.12.201508 cow of bp.cresli.08.02.1502 cow of bp.cresli.08.10.1401 cow of bp.cresli.2016.07.1702 cow of bp.cresli.2016.07.1704 cow of bp.cresli.2016.07.1706 cow of bp.cresli.2016.08.0702 cow of bpcresli.07.07.1301 cow of bpcresli.07.07.2004 cow of cowcalf pair cow of scarred calf cow of scarred calf with serious boat strike and propeller scars on right flank and caudal peduncle cowbp.cresli.07.20.201404 cowcalf pair cresli cresli sea walks cresli seal walk cresliviking 2010 whale watch cresliviking 2011 whale watch cresliviking fleet cresliviking fleet 2012 great south channel trip cresliviking fleet 2013 great south channel trip cresliviking fleet 2014 great south channel trip cresliviking fleet 2015 great south channel trip cresliviking fleet 2016 great south channel trip cresliviking fleet whale watch crown and perseid cups0606 cups0607 cups1401 cupsgue beach county park cupsogue beach county park dark head darkheaded harbor seal darktearsright dead leatherback deadman'sfloatright delphinus delphis dermochelys coriacea diamondshaped markings digging harbor seal dimple scars just ventral to dorsal fin on right side dimple scars on left side anterior to dorsal disturbed divingboard divingboard and calf dolphin and humpback dolphin in front of whale dolphin next to whale doral fin doral fin bent to right dorsal aspect dorsal aspect of left fluke dorsal fin almost gone dorsal fin area dorsal highly bent to right dorsal surface marked dorsal surface of flukes dorsals double breach downarrowright dracula and dracula and 2014 calf dracula and bristle dracula and infinity dracula and phosporescence dracula on left dracula on right dracularight dumping heat dyad's 2009 calf early am just after sunrise early stages of haulout earringphyseterright earstripe echo's '14 calf ecology and photography sustainable ny ectron eighthnoteright entagled dorsal fin entanglement scars entanglement scars at the peduncleflukes junction and across the right flank anterior to dorsal and behind the dorsal entanglement scars on peduncle enterprise evilseahorseleft exhaling eye eyeopen eyestripe eyestripe partial eyopen falcate dorsal fanning flippers feeding on bluefish feeding on bunker menhaden feeding on fish feeding on krill feeding on octopus femal grey seal feeding on bunker female grey seal female grey seal left of center at water's edge female grey seal on left at water's edge female grey seal right of center at water's edge female with semicircular scars fetal folds fin whale fin whale and common dolphin fin whale balaenoptera physalus fin whale cow from second cowcal pair fin whale fluke fin whale lifting fluke fin whale rolled over fin whale rolled over onto back fin whale rolling over finback whale firefly's 2013 calf first sighted in 1993 fish in mouth fishrightventralflank fishvsquared fit class flipper flipper slapping fluke fluke shot fluke shot partial fog footprintsright formerly unnamed20120106a formerly unnamed20120124a formerly unnamed20120124c formerly unnamed20120124d formerly unnamed20120124e formerly unnamed20120124f fresh healing entanglement scar on leading edge of right fluke fresh healing entanglement scar on the leading edge of right fluke gamma gimmel4cheadright giraffe and calf girafferight giraffesheadright gom0868 gom0869 gom0882 goofy great hammerhead great hammerhead shark great shearwater great south channel great south channel trip great south channell greater shearwater grey pelage grey seal grey seal pup grey seal pup on right grey seal with cataract grey seals gsc gumbyrighthead had calf in 2013 halichoerus grypus hammerhead shark hammerheadright hampton bays middle school hancock and pumba harassment by vessel harbor seal harbor seal eating bunker harbor seal feeding on fluke harbor seal with eye tumor harbor seal with right eye tumor harbor seals harp seal yearling hooded seal hook in mouth hookrightneck horsehoe shaped coloration on left side below dorsal horseshoe horseshoeright horshoe humpback humpback and tursiops humpback feces humpback whale hwc 0460 hwc 0464 hwc 0586 hwc 0719 hwc 8762 hwc 8766 hwc0616 hwc0636 hwc0746 hwc0789 hwc0908 hwc0962 hwc8041 hwc8484 hwc8505 hwc8520 hwc8599 hwc8732 id id draco id epee id etchasketch id firefly id indiana plateau's 2007 calf id ivee's 2008 calf id monarch and 2016 calf id scrape id shot id2012 calf of peajack idabrasion idaerospace idalgebra idalphorn idaltair idampersand idamulet idamulet 2015 calf idandreas idangus idaplus idappaloosa idappaloosa's 2007 calf idartillery idasparagus idaswan idazrael idbackgammon idbandit idbanyon idbatcave idbeacon idbelly idbinary idblack knight idblackbird idblackhole idboat hook idbolide idbolide's 2011 calf idbombay idbounce idbounce 2016 calf idbounce 2016 calf on left idbounce on right idbowline idbramble idbreeze idbrine idbristle idbrushstroke idbuckshot idbuzzard idcajun idcalderas idcalderas 2016 calf idcalderas and 2016 calf idcandelabra idcane idcanopy idcanopy '14 calf idcanopy 2011 calf idcantelever idcantilever idcardinal idcat eyes idcava idcentipede idchairlift idchaise idchinook idcircuit idcircus idcirri idcitation idcitation and 2007 calf idcondor idconvict idcookout idcoral idcosmos idcrown idcrystal iddancer iddashdot iddegree iddeuce iddiablo' 2008 calf iddivingboard iddivingboard 2015 calf iddivingboard thalassa's 2005 calf iddome iddome's 2012 calf iddracula iddracula's 2014 calf iddrizzle idduck idduckpin idduo iddusky iddyad iddyad 2009 calf ide ideasel idecho ideelgrass idegret idelectron idelephant idember idempanage identropy idepee ideruption idesca idexclaim idfalcon idfern idfez idfiligree idfiligree '12 calf idfiligree and calf idfirefly idfirefly's 2013 calf idflock idflounder idflyingfish idfracture idfragment idfulcrum idfulcrum 2015 calf idgalactic idgamma idganesh idganesh 2011 calf idganesh and forceps ganesh's 2007 calf idgangplank idgap idgarden idgargoyle idgenie idgeometry idghost idgiraffe idgiraffe's 2014 calf idglo idglo 13 calf idglo 2016 calf idglo and 2016 calf idglo and her 2007 calf idglo stick idglostick idgom unknown pending naming idgom0882 idgom1010 idgrackle idgrater idgreenbean idhabanero idhancock idhangman idhatchmark idhatpin idhippocampus idhornet idhuyana idhwc9611 and ny0028 idif idinchworm idinfinity idinnfinity idiota idiota's 2014 calf idiris idisoceles idivee idivee on right idjenga idjetcompass' 2006 calf idjigsaw idjoy idjt idjumanji idjungle idkite idklondike idlacuna idlandslide sabot's 2005 calf idlariat idlascaux idleonid idleukos idleukos 2010 calf idlevel idlilium idliner rightbar idliner rightbar 2016 calf idlnyx idlongboard idloon idlynx idlynx 2016 calf idmantis idmarsh idmedal idmeerkat idmend idmeteorite idmilkweed idmira idmonarch idmostaza idnazca idnewton idnuages idnyc0031 idnyc0040 idnyc0042 idobtuse idorbit stingray idoreo idparas idparens idpeajacket 2012 calf idpeninsula idperseid idperseid's 2010 calf idphantom idphantom 2006 calf idphantom 2016 calf idpharos idphosphorescence idphosphorescence viking fleet idphoton idpisces idpisces' 2009 calf idpitcher idpivot idpixar idplateau idpleats idpogo idpolaris idpolkadot idpox idpumba idpumpkin seed idpurity ivory idputter idquercus idrainforest idrapier's 2009 calf idrattan idrattan's 2009 calf idravine's 2008 calf idreaper idreaper's 2014 calf idreflection idreflection's 2014 calf idridgeline idrocker idrogue idroswell idrune aka molson idrune molson idsaloon idsamara idsamovar idsanchal idscarab idscarab 2015 calf idscarab and 2015 calf idscarp bungee's 2005 calf idscrape idscratch 2009 calf idscratch hwc0148 idscrimshaw idseal idshards idshimmer idshuffleboard idsirius idskateboard idslope idsnare idsnowplow idsnowslide idsolas idsoot idspaghetti idspectrogram idspike idspirit idsplice idspringboard idstaccato idstonehenge idstonewall idstorm idstrike idstrike's 2009 calf idstub idstump idsuspension idsweep idsynapse idtapioca idtatsu idtau idtear idtear megaptera novaeangliae idtectonic idthalassa idthicket idthread idthumper idthumper and 2014 calf idthumper's '14 calf idtiara idtornado idtouche idtracer idtrim idtrim's '13 yearling idtunguska idtwine idtwister idunderline idursa idvenom idvenom 2014 calf idventisca idvertex idviking idvulture idwalrus idwarrior idwave idwhiplash idwindrose idwizard idwyoming idyahtzee idyoo hoo idzeppelin idzeppelin's 2009 calf idzodiac if in back row center in center infinitysquaredright inhaling injured jaw injured right eye injury scar at dorsal fin traiing edge insertion of caudal peduncle injury scar at dorsal fin trailing edge insertion of caudal peduncle inshore inshore bottlenose dolphins interstripe wash interstripe wash partial inverted lobtail ioumickeymouse iucn status endangered iuterus jigsaw just right of center juvenile grey seal juvenile grey seals juvenile harbor seal juvenile harbor seals juvenile humpback kickfeeding krill lacerated posterior dorsal area lagenorhynchus acutus large eyes large nick in upper trailing edge of dorsal large notch on trailing edge of dorsal large notch on trailing edge of dorsal near base large notch on uipper trailing edge of dorsal large ridgelike bump under leading edge of dorsal fin right side large scar across dorsal surface posterior to blowholes large sickle shaped white mark behind right ear large vshaped notch on upper trailing edge of dorsal last seen in 2009 leafminer like markings in interstripe wash leatherback sea turtle left eye left eye blind left flank marked left fluke left pectoral flipper in air left shoulder left shoulderhangmansemicricle left side anterior to dorsal fin left side dorsal fin left side dorsal fin and part of peduncle left side dorsals left side of caudal peduncle left side of dorsal left side of head left side of head and neck left side of head marked left side of neck left side of neck marked leftanalogdial535 leftanalogdial615 leftdarktears leftearfolkdancer leftshoulder4spotrightangle leftshoulderarc leftshoulderhangmansemicricle lifting fluke slightly ligated harbor seal ligated harbor seal 3rd from left ligated harbor seal in center ligated harbor seal on left ligated harbor seal on right ligated seal light area around base of dorsal light chin area light mark on dorsal surface of peduncle lightningboltright linear scar across upper region of left flank anteriot to dorsal fin linear scar in interstripe wash linear scar on dorsal surface of right chevron linear scar on left flank anterior to dorsal linear scar on right flank anterior to dorsal linear scar on right flank below and parallel to dorsal linear scar on right side anterior to dorsal 45 degrees from perpendicular linear scar right blowhole linear scars linear scars acros dorsal surface of peduncle linear scars in interstripe wash lobtailing loggerhead sea turtle lolipoprighthead long island long linear scar along trailing edge of chevron on left long linear scars 45 degrees to body axis in broad part pf eye stripe long linear scars 45 degrees to body axis on left side near chevron long thin linear indentation near dorsal ridge left side between chevron and fin looking at us lower jaw lunge feeding lynx and stub main rock male on left many new unnamed marked seals mar370 marine mammals mark behind reght ear mark behind right ear markings markings on ventral surface markings on ventral surface of neck megaptera novaeangliae metaphase midlinebackwardsz mncresli.08.04.1301 mola mola mom and calf mom and calf dive together mom and reecently born calf mom and yearling mom of cowcalf pair momcalf pair montauk montauk ny montauk point state park montauk whale watch 2013 montauk whale watch 2014 montauk whale watch 2015 montauk whale watch 2016 morus bassanus mother and calf mother and recent calf with fetal folds vivible mother of bpcresli.07.14.133 multiple horizontal linear scars on right side anterior to dorsal multiple scars on right flank anterior to dorsal multiple vertical linear scars on right side from interstripe wash to area before dorsal fin murightear narwc2340 narwc2681 near right neckringsright new haulout site nick at base and tip of dorsal nick at base of dorsal nick at tip of dorsal nick on trailing edge of dorsal near tip nick on upper trailing edge of dorsal nikon d300 nile's 2000 calf no marks no spots north atlantic right whale northern coastal migratory stock northern gannet not hauledout notch a base of dorsal notch at base of dorsal trailing edge notch near apex of dorsal notch near apex on trailing edge of dorsal notch near base of dorsal notch on taailing edge of dorsal at base notch on trailing edge of dorsal near base notch on trailing edge of dorsal near tip note calf on left with fetal folds note the deformed beak note the monofiilament before being entagled by tuna trolling vessel note the ribs nuzzling ny ny 4491 ml ny 4793gr nyc0012 nyc0042 ocean side ocean sunfish oceanites oceanicus odontocete offshore bottlenose dolphin on left on right one day after oil spill one vertical mark on left neck open mouth feeding orange funguslike growths oregon middle school trip orionhindleft ospreyrighthead pagophilus groenlandicus panorama panorama from 9 photos partial blaze partial breach partial left chevron partial right chevron partial stripes patroller pawprint peajack 2012 calf peajack 2012 calf and jigsaw peajack 2012 callf peajacket 2012 calf peconic star express pectoral flipper pectoral slap pelgic bird perseid's 2010 calf phoca vitulina phocid seals phocidae physalia physalis pinniped pinnipeds pleats and glostick plum island pomarine jaeger poor condition popeyerighthead porpoising harbor seal portuguese manofwar possible cupsogue match possible juvenile hooded seal propeller scar propeller scar anterior to dorsal fin on dorsal and right side propeller scar on dorsal surface between chevron and dorsal fin propeller scar on dorsal surfce and right side detween blowholes and dorsal propeller scar on left flank propeller scar on right side posterior to dorsal propeller scars on dorsal ridge anterior to dorsal fin propeller scars on right side anterior to dorsal protuberance on lower jaw pseudostalked barnacle puffinus gravis puppyright queens racoon face rainblow reaper and 2014 calf reaper and 2014 calf and companion red areas on right lower eyelid reddish head and chest reddish head and chest2 reddish head and neck redeyeright reflection and calf research observations research trip research trip before walk right 221 right flank anterior to dorsal right flank marked right fluke right of center right side anterior right side anterior to dorsal right side chevron partiial right side dorsal right side marked right side of head right side of head marked right side of jaws right side of neck marked rightcheekdancers rightdiamond2spot rightearsickle righteye3spot rightfan rightside rockaway beach rollover runninggirlrighthead rv peconic samovar and glo stick sand eels escaping mouth sandy hook nj in background scar area across spine posterior to chevron scar on doral surface of caudal peduncle scarred fin whale scars in posterior end of interstripe wash horizontal 45 degree and grinshaped scars on caudal peduncle scars on caudal peduncle across spine scars on dorsal surface scars on right flank seal seal and nuages seal harassment seal pox lesions seal research seal walk seal walk with group seal with severe right eye injury seals seals respond to close approach by vessel seals spooked second cowcalf pair second day after oil spill second from left second from right secondary sandbar seen as a scarred calf in 2010 seen as calf on july 08 2009 seen one year later 12 miles eastward segway serious entanglement scar on trailing edge of left fluke serious entanglements scars in various areas several nicks on trailing edge shallow propeller scar shinnecock bay shinnecock inlet shoppingcartleft short beaked common dolphin short linear scars short linear scars ant to dorsal 45deg angle shortbeaked common dolphin shortbeaked common dolphins sideways surface lunge sigma 150500 simon templar small depression at trailing edge insertion of dorsal fin small depression on upper edge of dorsal small fin whale possible calf small humpback small linear scars on right flank anterior to dorsal fin small nick on trailing edge of dorsal near tip small nick on upper trailing edge of dorsal small notches on tip and trailing edge of dorsal small white scar at bend in right chevron smog's 2011 calf smog's 2011 calfamerican princess snaking snowing snowslide on left somas sooty shearwater almost kicked by whale sphyrna mokarran spidercrabright spike and snare spinous ridges spot complexityhigh spot complexityintermediate spot complexitylow spot density1 spot density2 spot density3 spot density4 spot density5 spot patterns spotted face spouting spring 2015 spring 2017 spyhop spyhopping sswimming stalked barnacles starburst right starburstright stellwagen bank stercorarius pomarinus sterna paradisaea stony brook somas stony brook southampton strafing scar across dorsal part of eye stripe strollerrightchest stub in background submarineright suffolk county suffolk county ny surface lunge after roll overs surface lunge sequence swimming swimming seal with right side occular tumor swinburne island t4 tagged tailthrow third from right tip of dorsal fin flat at trailing end tip of dorsal flat at trailing end tongue sticking out toothed whale toothraked scar on right flank anterior to dorsal triangle tridentright trim and '13 yearling triple linear scars parallel and posterior to dorsal on right flank tursiops truncatus turtleneckright two mothercalf pairs ty type a dorsal type b dorsal type c dorsal type d dorsal type e dorsal type f dorsal un undisturbed unicycleheadright unkmncresli.08.04.1301 unkmncresli.08.04.1302 unkmnrockaway.09.28.1301 unknowngsc12a with breeze unknowngsc12b unknowngsc12c unknowngsc12e unknowngsc12f unmarked pregnant female on right unnamed20110122a unnamed20110122b unnamed20110130m unnamed20110313c unnamed20120119b unnamed20141115a unnamed20141214a unnamed20150102a unnamed20150201b unnamed20150201c unnamed2015122801 unnamed2015122802 unnamed2015122803 unnamed2015122804 unnamed2015122805 unnamed2015122806 unnamed2015122807 unnamed20151228a unnamed20151228b unnamed20151228c unnamed20151228d unnamed20151228e unnamed20151228f unnamed20151228g unnamed20160201a unnamed20160219a unnamed20160219b unnamed20160219c unnamed20160227a unnamed20160227b unnamed20161225a unnamed20161225b unnamed20161225c unnamed20161225d unnamed20161225e unnamed20161225f unnamed20161225g unnamed20161225h unnamed20161225i unnamed20161225j on left unnamed20170115a upper trailing edge of dorsal with point and flattened above the curved region urinating harbor seal urinating seal uwrenchanchor ventral pleats visible at surface ventral side ventral side of neck marked ventral surface marked ventral surfaces marked ventral view of chest ventralpelviccircle ventralsquare ventraltrianglemidline ventraltrocophore vessel id ny9561 ua vessel name is full house video vigilant and ready to flush from the haulout viking viking fleet viking fleet 2013 great south channel trip viking fleett viking star viking starship vikingcresli whale watch warrior water molecule waterboatman wave and companion wesrhampton beach ny western north atlantic northern migratory coastal stock westhampton beach westhampton beach ny whale and dolphins together whale watch whale watch 2011 whale watch 2012 wheelchairrightflaank wheelchairventralrightflank white scar white spot at base of dorsal wickedwitchright wingsaboverighteyeear wishbonedancingcrane with gotham whale xearrightdarkhead xenobalanus globicipitis xenobalanus globicipitis on dorsal fins xxrighthead yawning seal yearling young young calf young humpback young humpback also seen on 63016 in ny harbor area zeppelin's 2005 calf